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What Does "Broom Clean" Really Mean?

"Broom clean condition" means different things to different people. I've seen everything from homes that look like an episode of TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive to homes that look like Marie Kondo had come through with her magic wand.

I once attended a walkthrough with my buyers who were so excited to move into their new home only to find that the sellers had not cleared out the house. When I called the the Listing Agent to ask about this, we found out that the sellers thought they only had to move out the items they decided were worthy enough to take with them. Yikes!

Essentially, sellers should leave the home in the same condition they would like to find it themselves.

Here are the Top 5 Things I look for when I do a walkthrough:

  1. All personal items have been removed

  2. No trash is left behind

  3. Kitchens & Bathrooms are wiped down

  4. Refrigerator is clean

  5. Floors are swept, and carpets are vacuumed

Last year I did a walkthrough and was so impressed with how the sellers left the home that I recorded it. Check it out!

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Content by Christine Strohman East Longmeadow Realtor

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