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Rave Reviews


Peter - Seller

Christine earned every penny. She had been working with me before the pandemic started. As I had purchased my house in 2006 just before the bubble burst the value slipped dramatically. I was hoping to get what I paid for it, she explained the reality. Doubtful she took me on a road trip of houses for sale. Many bought higher than mine and listing sadly at a much reduced rate. I could not wrap my head around taking such a large loss and I decided to wait. The pandemic hit and she called me explaining that now that families are homeschooling and parents working from home, it was evident that their current home was too small. She said the values have come back up, not at the 2008 peak but enough to appreciate the time we had in the home. So we listed. Within 48 hours of that weekend's open house, we had two offers. I always felt like Christine was my partner and crutch through the whole process. I would give her 6 stars if I could.

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